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TO help you feel at home.

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TO help you feel at home.

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Meet your REALTOR®

Robert J. Ott

A licensed Realtor® with Remax North San Antonio focused on excellent service.

A prepared and responsive agent, always on top of the details of your transaction.

A proud family man - married 11 years with 3 children.

A great technologist able to apply the latest in real estate tech for your benefit.

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Excellent Service

What you can expect!

Three Piece Real Estate is focused on providing you with amazing service and a thoughful complete experience so you can take the stress out of purchasing a new home or property.

Market Aware & Financially Prepared

We protect your investment. By being market aware, we make sure you're not paying more for a home or selling for less than its worth.

Enjoy Best in Class Service

Each home purchased or sold is a personal and important endeavor. We handle each transaction with clarity and integrity, so you can feel at ease.

A Buyer's Best Asset

We know all the signs to look for and many points of knowledge that only come with time. We can make sure your stepping into a positive transaction.

An Expert Guide for Sellers

Did you know that according to studies sellers who sell through an experienced agent sell their homes for 30% more than those who sell on their own.

Up on the Latest Technology

Your experience with us will be timely, responsive, and simple because we use the latest technology to take the work out of buying or selling a property.

On top of the Details

Real Estate can be daunting, allow us to take the burden off of your shoulders. We take the complexity out of real estate transactions by handling the details.

Real Estate related Tips to help guide you home.

Our resources are accurate and helpful ways to get a sense of the process, while avoiding pitfalls that many buyers fall into when purchasing a property.

Negotiation tips in Real Estate
Robert J. Ott
May 27, 2020

In Real Estate as in life, you don’t’ get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Learning and truly understanding how to negotiate will go along way on helping you get the best deal for your clients. Chris Ross, a former FBI negotiator, lays out a blue print on how to properly negotiate a deal. If you can apply the tips below in your real estate strategy, you can make a huge impact for your client.

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Kitchen Lighting
Robert J. Ott
April 29, 2020

Lighting is one of the most important design aspects of your kitchen, as the color and brightness of lights completely transform a room.

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February Housing Market
March 27, 2020

Looking back at the San Antonio Housing Numbers for February 2020. Even with the Corona Virus affecting businesses, the San Antonio Housing Market is still doing really well. Three Piece Real Estate has a number of safety protocols in place in order to ensure complete safety for their clients.

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