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Robert J. Ott

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Licensed REALTOR with RE/MAX North San Antonio focused on excellent service.

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A prepared and responsive agent, whose always on top of the details.

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A proud catholic family man, married 13 years with 3 children.

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A great digital marketer, who is able to apply the latest in real estate tech.

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Credit cards for Kids
Robert J. Ott
February 2, 2023

As parents we can do so much early on to help set our children up for success as young adults when it comes to purchasing a home. One of the toughest obstacles as a young adult —building good credit. It’s hard, right!? Do you remember just starting out as a20-something? I’m sure you remember how hard it was to have a credit card, let alone paying it off and keeping good standards with the credit card company. This is something I know my wife and I struggled with.

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What is PMI?
Robert J. Ott
January 20, 2023

PMI -- it's like the loathed word when purchasing a home because perception is, is that it's another added cost on top of mortgage and unaffordable. GUESS WHAT?! We owned our last home 2 years ago. We had well over 20% to put down on it to not have PMI, but decided that it was actually cheaper to pay the monthly PMI than to use up all of our cash in a down payment. PMI can actually work in your advantage if you look at it the right way. ↓ (and it has to make sense for you, we recognize every person and every financial situation is different).

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Short Term vs Long Term Rental
Robert J. Ott
January 13, 2023

Airbnb or long term rental? It’s a question we’re fielding more often with our 2nd time buyers, investors and homeowners. While each makes complete sense, there’s a few things you’ll want to personally weight out. We have clients who have gone either direction with their personal or investment home - either converting it into a long term rental or using it as an Airbnb - and have had a lot of success with both.

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