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Seller's Tips

We are Auctioneers

Robert J. Ott
July 28, 2020

We are Auctioneers! Huh? You mean you’re a real estate agent, right? One may think. But in today’s housing market, we think more like an auctioneer when we sell your home. You see, inventory is so tight right now. Some agents may cut back on their marketing efforts, relying only on the state of the current market to sell the home they’re representing.

Not Three Piece Real Estate.

We continue to go all-in with marketing. We want to create a frenzy about your home. We want as many eyes and foot traffic on and in your home as possible.

We aren’t just listing your home, we’re launching it. We commit to our clients that we will always go all-in, no matter the state of the housing market. Because that’s the only way we do it here.

An auctioneer gets the most out of what he’s selling. Meet your future auctioneer.


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Are you Prepared for a Bidding War?
Robert J. Ott
July 21, 2021

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A BIDDING WAR? In our San Antonio housing market today, it’s not enough to quickly make an offer on a house you just discovered. You’ll likely face competition from at least 5-10 other buyers. To improve your odds of winning a bidding war, we’ll need to plan your approach days or weeks in advance with a Re/max realtor. Preparing a strategy is vital because you might have just a few hours to respond during a back-and-forth negotiation with the seller.

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Real Estate
Are we in a housing bubble?
Robert J. Ott
July 19, 2021

HEY SAN ANTONIO !!! Spoiler: We aren’t in a housing bubble. This isn’t 2008. We aren’t repeating anything. Here’s the truth. A bubble happens when the market price of residential real estate sharply rises. And YES! That’s happening! A bubble happens when demand decreases and the supply continues to increase. Our city has grown at a rapid rate and we didn’t build for it!

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Bexar with Me
Most important questions to land buyers!
Robert J. Ott
October 7, 2020

If you are selling land only knowing the ins and outs of the property will not help it stand out and get sold. Knowing the right digital marketing techniques and targeting your audience is the key to your success. Ask yourself, what are the common questions land buyers ask? When you can answer these questions, you will be able to market the land so that it checks all the boxes for the prospective buyer. Here are some of the most important questions that land buyers what answered before they buy land for sale in San Antonio TX.

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