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Tips to moving with Pets

Robert J. Ott
November 10, 2019

When moving into a new home or apartment it can be a stressful time and pets are usually overlooked during a move. Since we love our four-legged family members enough to dress them, walk them, feed them, and hopefully bath them, here are some helpful tips when moving them into a new home.

#1 – Prepare your New Home

The easiest and fastest way to prepare your new home is when it is empty. When you first move in you should do a general safety and security check. Check for any holes or gaps that your pets might be able to get through and repair them. Then pick a designated area and place their bed, toys and food out. Creating that comfort zone drastically helps reduce the stress that they feel during the move.

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# 2 – Talk to your Veterinarian

It is a smart idea to schedule some time with your vet and let them know you are moving. Updated vaccinations are something important when having your animals around other pets. If you are moving far enough away, sometimes your trusted vet can recommend other good vets in your area. If your animals have anxiety issues this might be a great time to ask them to prescribe any sort of medication to help you pets during the move.

# 3 – Taking Time to Pack

This tip is guaranteed to make life on your pets easier during a move. When you can take your time to pack, you tend to be a little calmer and more relaxed. Energy is something animals pick up on and if you transfer, anxiety, hurriedness and stress, your animals feed off of it. Look out for tell tail signs with your pets, if you see them acting out or tearing things up, check your stress level and take the time to calm yourself and comfort them.

# 4 - Update All Pet Identifications

During a move it is very easy for your animals to get lost in a new place and having your pet tags and chips update is very helpful. If you have your pet microchipped be sure to contact the company that stores the information in and update them with your new address. During the move your going in and out of the home and animals tend to sneak out. Having their collars and vet tags updated, can really safeguard them against being lost.

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# 5 – Make a Small Travel Kit

Take some time to create a travel kit for your pet before the move. Add in a small supply of food, some play toys and a bowl for water. Having easy access to this bag during the move will save you extra time and stress guaranteed.

# 6 – Keep your pet safe on moving day!

Since animals are prone to want to run and play and hide when things are going on, make sure you keep your pet safe during the move. You can secure them in a bathroom or a separate room preferably with a crate. Check on them from time to time and make sure they are comfortable. If you have the option, sometimes it is better to have your pets stay with family or friends until the move is over.

#7 – Meet your New Neighbors

It is a good idea to meet your neighbors during the first few days of your move. Try walking your dog and introduce yourself. This way if your pet does escape without your knowledge, this gives you another chance to recover them. Also walking your dog helps your dog have some reference point on how to get back home. Exploring the new smells with your dog will help reduce any doggy stress and will be a great excuse to exercise. Try remembering these few tips on moving day and I know your four legged family members will thank you for it.


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