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Most important questions to land buyers!

Robert J. Ott
October 7, 2020

If you are selling land only knowing the ins and outs of the property will not help it stand out and get sold. Knowing the right digital marketing techniques and targeting your audience is the key to your success. Ask yourself, what are the common questions land buyers ask? When you can answer these questions, you will be able to market the land so that it checks all the boxes for the prospective buyer. Here are some of the most important questions that land buyers what answered before they buy land for sale in San Antonio TX.

Question # 1 - Can you build on the land?

A major deciding factor for most buyers when looking at land is if they can build on it. Conducting a title search and understanding land regulations will confirm to the buyers the fact if something can or can not be build on it. Your real estate agent should do their due diligence, so you can provide the buyers with the proof that they can build on the land. This not only saves time for the buyers but it could be the deciding factor to hook the buyer for the sale.

Land for Sale San Antonio

Question # 2 - Any utilities on the land?

When purchasing land, most buyers, know matter how they plan on using the property, will need some sort of utilities on the land. The three common questions we get about utilities is, how much will it cost to get power to the site? How quick & easy will it be to bring utilities to the property? Can powerlines be buried? Buyers should never just assume because they can see powerlines by the land that they can get it. Having the documentation ready from the local companies will help the buyers know the estimated cost for water, electricity and even getting the internet at the property.

Question # 3 - How is the accessibility to the property?

A key selling point when putting land up for sale is clearly showing the buyer how they will access the property. The land isn’t much use to the potential buyer if they can't access it. If you have land for sale near San Antonio buyers will want to know if there is a frontage road that provides private access to the property or if you have to use the neighbor’s driveway. Make sure the information is available about to buyers on how accessible the land is.

Question # 4 - What is the best use for land?

When purchasing land, most land buyers already know how they want to use the property. They could build a home or set it up for private hunting grounds or they may even want to start a business. When deciding what to buy they will make sure their interests match up with the known highest and best use for the land. If you want to know the best use for your land, we recommend getting an appraisal done on the property.

The four factors that determine the highest and best use include:

1.  Is the use legally permitted?

2.  Is the use physically possible?

3.  Would the use be maximally productive?

4.  Would the use be financially feasible?

Knowing this information and sharing it with potential buyers will give them the confidence they need to buy your property without hesitation.

Land for Sale near San Antonio tx

Question # 5 - What are the property features of the land?

One of the obvious, commonly overlooked in marketing, questions is what are the best property features of the land. If your land has water on it, you’ll want to highlight that in your marketing plan. Any types of water, like ponds or lakes give extra brownie points to land buyers. Land buyers also want to know how close the community convenience is to the property and how much acreage is the lot. Providing them with an accurate picture of the how much space they will have from their neighbors is another important feature. In the higher price range, land buyers, especially in Texas, want to have a view of the hill country or downtown skyline. Always look for those extra features that can really highlight your land and make it stand out.

Question # 6 - Does it have a septic system?

The second most common question you hear is if the land has a working septic system on the land. Either having a working septic system or the ability to install one is a pleasant addition to most land buyers when looking to build a home. If you already have a septic system in place, determine when it was installed and if you don't know, then get the soil tested to see the rate the soil absorbs water, This will help the land buyers when installing a septic system.

Question # 7 - What are the zoning requirements?

What it comes to land for sale in San Antonio, zoning requirements are important to understand before a purchase. Potential land buyers need to know if the zoning district will even allow them to fulfill their plans for the property, while still complying with the zoning rules. Potential land buyers need also need to know if the property can be subdivided, if it has floodplains and or wetlands on the property. If you are unaware, a good place to check information about zoning requirements is the department of license and inspection in San Antonio or the surrounding counties.

Closing - Give them the experience!

The more information you can provide to land buyers the better. Land buyers want to know what you know. They want the extra stuff they can’t find online. When marketing, tell the story of how beautiful the property is, how it looks in the early morning or in the different seasons of the year. Help them build the picture of what it would look like to own the land. Help them see the best qualities of the land by pointing out your favorite things. Mark twain once said “the best investment on earth is earth.” When your selling land, you’re not just selling a vacant lot, your selling the foundation of someone's dream. So make sure your marketing plan is around telling the story of the land and provide the land buyers with everything they need to know about the property.


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