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Seller's Tips

How to Wow your Buyers!

Robert J. Ott
March 20, 2020

Are you looking to Wow your potential home buyers? Listed below are a few things that buyers nowadays are looking for when purchasing a home. With these simple adjustments, this could be just the thing that wows your next buyer.

Smart Home Technology – Smart homes just make life easier and more convenient. Upgrades like ring door bells, nest thermostat, smart lighting and even alarm systems can drastically improve the value of your home. Buyers are looking for homes that are comfortable for them and can provide value with their lifestyle. Technology is where it’s at. Get that and you get more buyers. Period!

Three Piece Real Estate - Smart Home

USB Outlets – With technology evolving daily, it's important to choose a USB power outlet that keep up with the pace. Everyone is charging something at all times of the day and making it easier and more convenient for them will show off your home well. This is one of the easier upgrades to install in your home. Call an electrician and it can be done in under an hour. Simple and easy.

San Antonio - Three Piece Real Estate - Party

Space to Entertain. – Buyers want to see a house that has space for guests, parties, and entertainment. Declutter that big room holding all your junk. Stage it to look like what it’s meant for…entertaining. Now a days it is important for buyers to see themselves with their friends and family having a space to spend time together. When they see that you have a designated area in your home for that, it just checks that one big item off of their must-have list.

Home Office - Three Piece Real Estate

Home Office – Not using that 4th bedroom? Stage it to look like a home office. With more then 13 million Americans working from home, having a home office is a very desirable feature. More and more people especially millennials are working from home these days, which makes a home office at the top of the list for current buyers. If potential buyers can see the work space already built in, this potentially can give you the edge over the other homes on the market.

If you are looking to entice your buyers, use these four adjustments, your home will wow the buyers giving your home that competitive edge. For more ideas, contact me via direct message or send me an email, I would love to share even more ways you can really attract more buyers.


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